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postheadericon Open letter to the School Board

OPEN letter to the Lehighton School board,
Gloria Bowman and Steve Holland as the new members, TAX n BUILD agenda
Larry Stern, Andy Yenser, Mr. Wentz, seasoned members, TAX n BUILD agenda
Rocky Arner, Bill Hill and Hal Resh, Zimmerman, against a TAX n BUILD agenda

We know most of you are leaning toward an Elementary Center or construction project of ANY kind. We have educated the public with documented facts. They are now informed enough to express what they always knew. These facts can be used to judge your actions.

I can see how the good board of Lehighton has been miss lead.
With the pieces together you can see the manipulation towards a TAX and BUILD agenda. See below for details.

In conclusion; if you were asked to justify a build how would you?

The School Board is being played. The solicitor, the Bond seller, EI and the School Administration are all leading the show. It is time for the board to take the authority back from the lobbyist.

With one of these three votes, everything will practically fix itself.

I propose, like the Boyertown district, we terminate EI as a vendor on all contracts on the basis of a flawed and bias feasibility study.

I propose a motion that we save thousands of taxpayer’s dollars and pay off all the existing debt of the district with our cash that is sitting idle.

I propose a motion that even though we are not required by law, the public has a say in the additional taxes needed for a construction project. As such, I propose we voluntarily put this to a referendum.

So simple when you look at it, each motion stands alone.
Each will remove the TAX and BUILD agenda from the board’s scope.
Each will provide money for the district to maintain our district.
Each motion is a move to safer community schools, tax rebates and reductions
Each will move you closer to Asset Management, and community respect.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Bradley

postheadericon Administration long range planning tool found…


postheadericon Cleaver owned, survey a sham

Survey flaws time:

postheadericon Cleaver owned, survey proven a sham

postheadericon 5 People control the destiny of this town, and blindly hold the fate of 15,000

Frank did some interesting research.

With 15,000 people in the town,
~10,000 are registered voters,
only 1200 participated to elect a school board and
now 5 control your taxes bills for life. School and to some extent County

NONE of those (5) have seen this presentation.
50+ took the time tonight to drive here tonight, 45 last time and several business’ individually.
We have offered to take it to them for free in the past.

None of the (9) has seen the entire plan including Dave’s method to ensure board respect from the community.
None of the (9) has said that they have seen the 140 page bond documents
None of the (9) has seen our analysis of the feasibility study
None of the (9) has asked for a referendum ( we understand it is not required, but it is an option)
None of the (9) has taken the time to create their own plan
None of the (9) will be respected if they vote on an Elementary Center after seeing this plan and information.

postheadericon They will have egg on their face for not looking at this.

Actively reviewing documents proving the false justifications the board has been given was an eye opener.

“Now I see why we need to terminate EI Associates, and Cleaver better get on the side of the distict if he wantd to keep that cushy spot.”
“He’s(Cleaver’s) moving one after he gets his picture taken with the first shovel”
“The egg on their face will be passed to their grandchildren, with the payments”
“How could they be so stubborn and arrogant to ignore this much information”
“They have to be getting paid somewhere, If they aren’t getting paid and they follow EI, then they are stupid”

postheadericon Taypayer meeting well attended

Frank Tamburri took his turn to share his insights with the taxpayers.
Approximately 50 people stopped in to collect the information, many stayed for the duration.
Actively reviewing the documents proving the false justifications the board has been given.
“This was an eye opener, Thank your team for collecting it all”

Some attended with the idea of discrediting our group.
They later said, “Wow, I would have looked like a fool had I spoken up for the center”
One guy said, did you offer this to the board? “Two years ago, for free” I said
“Damn, I can’t wait to see the egg on their face, you realized they already decided, right? The selfrightous idiots”

Taxpayers, shared the necessary information to stop the board from making a major mistake on Monday.
Many attending thought is was over, “once they print the picture in the paper” it’s a done deal I heard from a few.
Well, unless the taxpayers stay home on Monday, we have the critical information to shut this down.

If the board ignores the JEriCHo plan, and votes on the Elementary Center, a fools future lies for them an everyone else left to pay for the mess.
Gordon Ripkey’s monument suffers that same fate.
To many attending, the name Ripkey brings shame to the district on several levels.
I personally asked him and left several messages inviting him to attend.
I personally wanted to help him change his image, as no one wants that legacy. I recieved no call backs.

Franklin fire mtg 3-19 (2)

postheadericon Horror Stories – Ripkey, Schwabb, Kraky, Krause, EI,Cleaver

Taxpayers share information from the Lehighton School District.
From the antics of the Survey, to tax assessment nightmares, Solicitor’s history and field trip justifications.
This town has so much dirty laundry on the “powers to be” I question why they still have any power at all?

postheadericon Lehighton School Board corruption question goes National

National radio show, Ernie Hancock, discusses the actions of the Lehighton School Board. Questions actions of the board members…

postheadericon Help Cleaver by answering loaded questions on the District Survey

Go to the district site — Upper Right side – “Spotlights”

A referendum would be so much more beneficial for the district, wouldn’t you think?
My five year old ( Kindergarten student) did his part to help Cleaver with the tough task of deciding if security is important in a school district.

Take the survey as often as you like.
One survery for every computer, cell phone, gmail, yahoo and corporate email account account and one from anyone outside the district.
Have at it.
No need to be a taxpayer in the district or even live in the distict.

Glad a friend sent me the link so I could participate
Glad I have access to a computer so my voice is heard in the district,
Poor voices of the thousands of taxpayers that didn’t see this.

Yeah! for all the people wanting to slant the survey.
So if you work for EI ASSOCIATES, The CONSTRUCTION company, the SOLICITOR’s office or the BANK lending the money, have at it…