postheadericon Cleaver mentions closing Shull-David, Again

More reports of Cleaver comments keep rolling in… 

So many that we need to advertise them so others can be prepared.   

If you have any email them to us:

In a last ditch effort to gain support of his Elementary Center, J J Cleaver,  Superintendent of schools mention the possibility of closing  Shull-David to parents, AGAIN.   

With NO AUTHORITY to do so, Cleaver is just making attempts to bully parents into agreement on an Elementary Center.   What will this man do next?  Character is often defined as the way one acts when they think no one is watching.   Welcome to the Tribe, everyone is watching.  Cleaver gets a nice check.  He should focus on education where he is strong, and get help from wise businessmen on matters of Asset Management.  This way we can build a strong team and strong district.  A leader takes directions and leads.  In a school district the agenda is set by the town first, they elected a Board to execute it and the board hires an Administrator to see the job gets done.  It is not the Architect and the Superintendent that set a TAX and BUILD agenda.        

His attempt to divide the taxpayers UNITED has failed.   Shull-David, we have your back.  

We stand united as we keep ALL our local schools open, safe, well maintained and DEBT free.

Apparently, he leveraged false information that our group was based solely in and around the Franklin school area.   He told the parent that our well funded group would have no interest in Shull-David.  POPPYCOCK!   Lehighton School District is a community of Brave Indians, Strong in all four elementary schools.  We surround the Administration from all four districts. At last count we have 746 strong and we are growing fast.   

We,  as a group,  successfully fought to stop Kraky and Krause.  Remember when they went on their rampage to close the LAMS with their false tales of woe.  We fought EI and the Superintendent’s failed attempt after failed attempt.   EI Associates pitched plan after plan to TAX and BUILD.  The sick TAX and BUILD agenda has been going on battle after battle for 6 years.  We stand strong.  Often these plans had no firm numbers, had bias facts and no demographic justification.   They like the Elementary Center  were all just pigs in a poke.  Like PT Barnum looking for a fool, EI gets paid to create them one after another.  Can’t we just TERMINATE this architect yet?  Cleaver could be a good Superintendent if EI wasn’t whispering sweet nothings in his ear all day.           

We fight ignorance on all levels.  Our strength is the ability to read, think and offer transparency upon the LASD Administration regime.  We have proof that the Administration  manipulates and leverages the board.  Just not sure how or why some of the board gave away their responsibility to think for the benefit of the district?      

When Cleaver first floated this Shull-David trial balloon comment it was also made at the PTO meeting in an attempt to sell the E Center.  See earlier posts.   At those meetings he offered Franklin an orchestra like band and to Shull-David he talked to the fear of redistricting. 

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