postheadericon It would take 40+ years to break even on the Elementary Center

The district predicts a FUTURE saving of $800,000/yr, district savings. But wait, what do we have to SPEND to SAVE $800,000/yr.

These savings are on the backs of teacher attrition, layoffs called consolidation/reduction in cafeteria staff, and layoffs or consolidations/reductions in nursing staff. In addition, they calculated in utility savings but then added the higher cost to bus students to a central location and some other incidentals.

The simple math, the $30,000,000 Elementary Center + interest of $8,000,000 on the bond puts the number at spending $38,000,000 in taxpayer costs.
Divided the $38M by the final expected yearly savings of $800,000 and you get 47.5 years. And that is a break even, assuming not other repairs will be needed in the 47 years. The Architect said they design the building for a 20 year life or renovation cycle. This is just another reason to terminate this Architect.

To be fair, and generous, the 47.5 years assumes the attrition as instant. Really it doesn’t set in to till teachers start to retire.
Even if you used the most generous savings estimation of $1,000,000 and make the attricion instant, you are at a break even of 38 years.

This taxing school board has a captured customer, us. SO if you are like me, and rooted in this community we have one choice. Speak up!
The real answer is to hold the School Board accountable for their decisions by showing them the impact of their decisions.

This analysis is just one more way to realize this decision is economically UNSOUND.
The student data shows this decisionto expand is UN JUSTIFIED.
The architechs repair estimates have been proven FLAWED.
As the political machine marches on, is crushes SENIORS.
I think the board is smart, so why the PUSH to CRUSH?

Ask your board members this question “Why do you think building the Elementary Center is a good idea?”
We’d love to hear an intelligent answer.

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