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  • masterdave:

    Walton P. Smith Jr.

    I read your letter to the editor article in the Times News.
    My wife and I found it inspiring and I trust others will find it inspiring as well.

    The board should be ashamed for not letting you speak at the meeting. When their self inflicted rules stop the 1st Amemdment Rights of a citizen and Veteran like yourself we know we are in trouble. I hope you can make the next meeting and get a chance to speak.

    You history and insight will echo with many.

  • masterdave:

    Mr. Smith,

    I appreciate the freedom you services provides us, as I appreciated my father’s in WWII. It is a difficult thing for me to ask, but if you could please attend the meeting Monday.
    I have found that if a man like yourself, a veteran and from within the community makes the above statement it will echo the halls.

    That voice is the guidance, and oversight our elected officials need. They get whispers from Architect’s, Solicitors, bond people, banks etc. All with the best interest of the students of couse.

    We, the community of Lehighton, are asking you to serve once again as a citizen, and just read this post. If not, we can have a volunteer read it for you with your approval.

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