postheadericon Local Impact – Board vs. JEriCHo Plan

Elementary Center as proposed 30,000,000 x 20 yrs 158,000/month. 38,000,000+ pay out plus cost overruns and corners cut if they run short.

JEriCHo Plan

Leave 38,000,000 in the community for college, savings and community expenditures.

ADD the overtaxed one time rebate of 3 mils ~1,000,000 given back to the community

ADD the tax reduction of 2 – 3 mils
~1,000,000 per year left in the community for local expenditures

NO School District in the STATE has the right to make this decision without a community referendum, except Lehighton School District. They have not earned this power they Pirated it from us.

The community has the right to decide how to use our income, we earned it. Once taxed, by our referendum, the board can decide how to use it. This is nothing but a GREED induced power trip.
if it was about the students, we wouldn’t have such disrepairand a $13,000,000+ fund balance.

Take a look at the power they want to take from you.
The tax reduction alone is money in the pockets of every parent in the community.
Computers, college, trade school payments.

300,000 trips x 20 years or 6,000,000 trips to Rita’s on a nice day
100,000×20 trips to the Beacon for lunch
100,000×20 trips to Fedor’s wash
50,000×20 trips to the movies
1,000,000×20 dollar store purchases
30 – 40 New cars every year for 20 years

If you do not see the monumental money grab that is happening to this community, you need to do some 5th grade math and be enlightened.

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  • masterdave:

    Please show up Monday, we’ll keep swinging and expose them for promoting the Agenda of destruction.

    Atleast we’ll make them screw this town to our collective faces. Not many have that much conviction now that the word is getting out.

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