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Dollars and SENSE Dollars and sense

Kraky contract Kraky contract

Vacant Homes UP 59% since last building project Vacant homes up 59 percent 90 2000 Feasibility Study

Lehighton Demographics and School Aged Population Population decrease 16 percent 90 2000

Functional Capacity PDE we r below functional capacity Feasibility Study

Student ENROLLMENT Decrease net decrease in students

STANDARDS we promised to the State are we meeting targets from Feasibility Study


ACT 25 of 2011 senate bill 330 known as ACT25

ACT 1 HB0039P0093 ACT 1

ESCO Guaranteed Energy Savings ESCO Guaranteed Energy Savings Apx-5-9

PennState GESC ESCO PRESENTATION GESC ESCO Penn State presentation

Cleaver’s doublespeak to taxpayers
misconception – questions on building projects

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