postheadericon The actions and results

Board action – Board told Admin to investigate a building project ~2008
The thinking was growth is good, it will bring industry back.
Actions- The board hires Kraky with visions of grandeur
Actions- The board hires EI Associates without a bid or vetting
Actions- The feasibility study is created, bias on tax & build
Results- A stacked task force is created justifying the problem
Results – A flawed feasibility study w/hyper exaggeration
Results – We need to tax and build a HS, a MS, A Center REALITY – After Ripkey HS;’90-’00 district vacancy went UP 59%
REALITY – Kraky told state a tax increase of 8%
REALITY – Gloria Bowman was in this 8% report

Board actions – (Slumlord) Raise taxes, don’t use them for fixing schools
The thinking was “why spend money on a school we’re closing”
Actions – School asset management investments were curtailed
Results _ Dilapidated schools – justifies building project
Results – Look good getting to spend $30M and get state money
Reality – State is broke, the $30M is the tip of iceberg.
Reality – Interest payments will exceed the cost of a stadium.

Board action – (Power Hungry) Board circumvents PA state Law with loophole
They were probably told the refi was a good financial choice.
They probably thought it is a good idea to keep the power locally
They probably thought this will protect future boards
Probably thought no board would ever do evil with this power.
Action – They signed a note they didn’t read
Results – District debt kicked the ACT25 can down the road
Reality – This note kept the ACT25 loophole open
Reality – This note was written to maintain power as the note’s conditions on the first pages dictate the repay terms.

Board action – (EI Dupes Cleaver, Parrot Clvr unknowing dupes board) PlanCon
The board was told the door was closing so you better apply
Action – The board called a SPECIAL meeting to approve A & B
Results – Board feels this kept their options open, bravo!
Reality – This allowed EI to circumvent the referendum process
Reality – This board action circumvents ACT 25
Reality – The EI completed the papers (Cleaver & BM didn’t read) Reality – If board admits it, the Plancon are out, moratorium lost

Board Action – Trane company introduces a piece of the JEriCHo plan
The board was provided a glimpse there is other options
Action – A presentation is provided to the public and board
Results – Administration starts to scramble
Publish surveys, meetings, discredit the ESCO
Results – Discussion within the community heightens, 50 @ tax mtg
Reality – documents facts shares information
Reality – Info is now out on debt, enrollment, vacancy, taxes etc.
Reality – Base has enough info to form opinion/judge board action
Reality- This is the chance to JUMP OFF the EI team, appear smart
Reality- Anyone left on the EI, administration team after today will probably be a political pariah.

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